Yes, People Are Reusing Condoms

You can imagine my surprise when I came across an article titled “Stop Washing and Reusing Condoms: Health Officials” by Global News. I was simultaneously appalled and intrigued by the potential contents of this article, and after I swallowed the vomit that had accumulated in my mouth, I gave it a read (I encourage you to do so as well).

The article reports that as many as 1.4 to 3.3 per cent of people admit to re-using the same condom during sex, mainly for economic reasons. Condoms in North America cost, on average 50 cents to one dollar, but the article states “… Anatoly Kurmanaev and Andrew Rosati reported in 2015 for Bloomberg, economic conditions and short supply in Venezuela led to condom packs costing as high as $755.”

With this perspective taken into consideration, I suppose if there was any possible reason to argue for re-using condoms, this specific instance in Venezuela would be it. However, this situation aside, I highly advise refraining from using the same condom more than once, in any context, as do health professionals. The thought of re-using a condom is literally like thinking about booting a puppy. You just don’t do certain things.

Condoms are developed with a one-time use in mind, and I would imagine that repeated use of a single condom would be bordering on dangerous due to the potential of it ripping or deteriorating throughout multiple washes. Further, re-using condoms significantly increases the risk of procuring sexually transmitted infections and diseases, whether or not they’re being used for the same person.

I’ve also heard about individuals re-using condoms in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly. I appreciate this effort, but really, just use a damn Eco Bag. There are many ways to show appreciation and respect for the environment, but I think it’s safe to say re-using condoms is at the bottom of the to-do list.

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