Are Millenials More Health-Savvy Than Older Generations?

An article in The Star by Michael Lewis recently caught my attention as it discusses how young adults are making use of technology to responsibly manage their well-being and further access services like no generations before has, according to a report by the Canadian Medical Association.

Lewis references the report in his article, explaining that the survey unveiled that 18-34-year-olds in Canada are far more likely to make use of virtual and in-person doctor visits compared to the general population. It is estimated that this age group makes roughly 11 visits to the doctor’s annually, and also explain how young adults are using online technology, like Fitbit’s, and as a result are less wary about privacy regarding their health than any other age group in Canada.

Lewis includes a quote from Gigi Osler, the incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association.

“’They are interested in wellness care and not just sick care. They’re managing their own health more than any other generation and that’s a good thing,’” Osler said in an interview. “’This generation is accessing the health system more than anyone expected.’”

I fall into the age bracket referenced in Lewis’ article, and I was honestly surprised to learn that my ‘generation’ is more health-proactive than others. Not completely surprised, but definitely taken aback that this group of Canadians is so health-savvy. Personally, I think taking one’s health seriously is definitely a good thing, and I think the example this generation is setting for up and coming ones is advantageous.

The Canadian medical system is seriously flawed in a variety of ways, but having people who take their health seriously and proactively is a definite step in the right direction. I don’t recommend replacing a family physician with a Fitbit, though; there are some things that need to be left to the professionals.

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