This convenient device could save your life

An article by Rachel Manfield really hit home for me regarding its subject matter. It discusses the devastation Paul Davidson encountered when his daughter, Christine, was abducted from a mall parking lot six years ago, never to be seen or heard from again.

Davidson decided to use what happened to his daughter as an incentive to prevent it from happening to other families by creating Safe Personal Alarm.

David, quoted in the article, explains that the number-one reason abductions occur without any bystanders noticing is because kidnappers ensure their victims are unable to make sounds and cry for help. They ensure their mouth is covered so attention is not drawn to them.

This was Davidson’s focal point when developing a tool that reduces the chance of kidnappings from occurring. His Safe Personal Device is incredibly loud and small in size, making it easy to attach it to keys, wallets, purses, etc. It has a pin a user can pull when in danger, and when pulled, the device releases a sound that reaches 125 db, which is comparable to the volume of a military jet when it takes off. The device will sound for thirty minutes, or until the pin is reinserted.

The idea of the pin is to prevent the device from going off by accident, for example, if it was activated by a button.

Davidson in the article explains that the device can be used for individuals of all ages, from teenagers to elders. Police have remarked that the device has warded criminals off, the noise scaring them and forcing them to retreat.

The article I linked above has instructions regarding how to purchase a device for yourself or for others. I commend Davidson for using such a horrific situation to develop something that protects others, and I think it is something worth looking into that could potentially save hundreds of lives.

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2 thoughts on “This convenient device could save your life

    1. Thanks for sharing this information, Bob. I have the device itself and I’m quite happy with it. As for doing research before posting things, I do. Hence the article I linked in the original post. Due to the nature of the topic of the article and story of this father and daughter, I didn’t research whether or not it was a scam, but I appreciate your insight and updating me. Thanks for reading!


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