Harley-Davidson is going electric

An article in the St. Catharines Standard, originally from the Canadian Press, likely has some motorcycle aficionados questioning the longevity of the classic rumbling sound of a motorcycle.

Harley-Davisdon Inc. is adding a new bike to their lineup – an electric one, expected to appear across 20 Canadian dealers, including one in London, Ont. by the fall. The quiet, clutch-free, emissions-free bike will be named LiveWire, representing “a new direction for the Wisconsin-based company as it tries to reignite faltering motorcycle sales,” the article said.

The LiveWire, new for Harley-Davidson, will stand against Zero Motorcycles, a California-based company that has manufactured electric bikes for nearly ten years.

If you’re interested in purchasing a LiveWire for yourself, they start at $37,250 and can travel up to 177 kilometres on a fully charged battery. To compare, Zero Motorcycle’s 2018 S model is less than one-third of the cost of the LiveWire and can travel up to 143 kilometres.

I don’t have much interest in motorcycles, but I certainly think they’re incredible vehicles, and I’m curious to see how the LiveWire will do upon its release. On one hand, its environmentally-friendly composition is alluring, however, the price tag and its non-stereotypical Harley look may disinterest buyers. It’s hard to say whether or not it will be successful at this point. If I may be so bold, I would think that this sort of bike will have more success in the U.S. than it will here in Canada, but stranger things have happened.

I commend Harley-Davidson for taking initiative with their environmentally-friendly version of the classic motorcycle. Brands such as these that have tremendous followings and platforms have the potential to be influential and make positive changes with their marketing decisions, and by the looks of it, Harley-Davidson is doing just that with this new bike.

If you’re a Harley fan, keep your eyes peeled for this new bike.

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