International hangover cures

I don’t drink alcohol very often. It’s never been something of significant interest to me, therefore I tend to stay away from it most of the time.

That being said, the odd time I have experienced a hangover in my life is enough reasoning for me to write this blog post, because they can be pretty awful.

So, referencing an article by Eric Grundhauser from Atlas Obscura that lists suggestions for hangover cures from people across the globe, let’s see what people are willing to do in order to rid themselves of their hangover.

  1. Drinking the brine from canned dill pickles
  2. Drinking earl grey tea and eating a slice of a toasted and buttered baguette with jam
  3. Eating menudo, which the article refers to as Mexican hangover soup, made with tripe
  4. Consuming rasol, or cabbage brine
  5. Ingesting king coconut water
  6. Eating anything sour
  7. Snacking on a bacon, egg and cheese roll
  8. Munching on salt and vinegar chips
  9. Irn Bru, accompanied by a greasy breakfast (a traditional Scottish technique)
  10. Drinking club soda with bitters and fresh-squeezed lime juice
  11. Downing a bowl of miso soup with kimchi and ginger
  12. Enjoying some barbacoa
  13. Eating pickled mackerel from a tin
  14. Slurping down some Ito En Oi Ocha unsweetened dark green tea
  15. Drinking sauerkraut and chocolate milk

To be honest, I’m unsure of how many of these suggested remedies I could actually stomach, but a few of them sound pretty good to me. Speaking with friends, some other anti-hangover behaviours I’ve heard of include taking a hot shower, taking a cold shower, drinking a coffee, drinking plenty of water, taking a nap, and eating a good meal.

Some people swear that drinking more is a great way to quash a hangover, but I don’t really understand how that one works.

What are your tried and true hangover remedies?

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