Restaurant review: Mesa Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Mexican food is my jam, and thankfully, my family feels the same way about this fantastic, incredibly fresh and flavourful cuisine. So, when my mom, dad and I stumbled across Mesa Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Hamilton, Ont., you can be sure we hurried in for a bite to eat.

Located at 255 James St. N in the Hammer, the outward appearance of this restaurant is deceiving. When my family and I walked in, we were disappointed to see that all of the tables were occupied. However, this place is a lot bigger than it looks, and we were seated in the back portion of the restaurant without issue.

Mesa’s menu isn’t ginormous, which I believe is a good thing. When I visit a new restaurant and the menu is comparable to a small novel, I have a hard time deciding what to eat because there is a surplus of options. Mesa has a few pages of selection without overwhelming you, and I ordered the chicken tamales. The plate came with two good sized tamales, still in the corn husks (a nice, authentic touch), a serving of tasty rice, and some of the best-tasting beans I’ve ever had. And, I washed all of this deliciousness down with a cool, crisp Corona, so I was a pretty happy camper by the time I left.

My parents were also happy with what they ordered (my dad also got some churros for dessert which looked and smelled incredible), and the staff was professional, pleasant, and accommodating. The atmosphere of Mesa is warm, colourful and inviting, and the decor is ethnic and cultural, something I appreciate seeing when I’m temporarily visiting another culture through my stomach.

I will absolutely go back to Mesa, and if you’re ever passing through Hamilton, I encourage to check it out. They have some really unique items on their menu (like cactus soup!) and there’s definitely something for everyone.

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