The world needs more Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a retired American professional basketball player, is someone who is using the fortunes and winnings he earned throughout his professional athletics career to benefit others who may be less fortunate.

Abdul-Jabbar, now 71, played 20 seasons in the National Basketball Association for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks. Most athletes of his stature likely have a trophy room in their homes to look back upon their accomplishments in their designated careers.

Not Abdul-Jabbar, though.

Rather, he is “putting hundreds of his basketball treasures onto the auctioneer’s block to raise money for disadvantaged kids,” a Good News Network article said.

Examples of what Abdul-Jabbar is auctioning off for charity’s sake include four of his six championship rings, his infamous game goggles, and signed jerseys. The items that sold through Goldin Auctions have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in bids, with the auction coming to its close on March 2.

The majority of proceeds from Abdul-Jabbar’s auction items will be given to The SkyHook Foundation, which his own charity for assisting underprivileged kids achieve STEM educations.

For Abdul-Jabbar, holding onto these items didn’t feel right, he said to KCAL, cited in the Good News Network article.

“When it comes to choosing between storing a championship ring or trophy in a room, or providing kids with an opportunity to change their lives, the choice is pretty simple: sell it all.

“Looking back on what I have done with my life, instead of gazing at the sparkle of jewels or gold plating celebrating something I did a long time ago, I’d rather look into the delighted face of a child holding their first caterpillar and think about what I might be doing for their future. That’s a history that has no price.”

Kudos to Abdul-Jabbar and his commitment to helping those less fortunate than himself.

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