Here’s why you need to watch Godless on Netflix right now

In case you’re searching for a fantastic new series to watch on Netflix, I’ve got you, friends. It’s called Godless, and it’s everything you need out of a television series right now.

Godless is a Western television series playing on Netflix, set in the 1800s. It depicts the stories of several key characters, though focuses on a small town known as La Belle, New Mexico, one that has experienced significant hardship as almost all of the men in the town were killed in a mining accident, leaving widows and children to fend for themselves.

The series depicts the relationship between Frank Griffin, played Jeff Daniels, and Roy Goode, played by Jack O’Connell. Griffin is a savage, ruthless outlaw gang leader who takes an orphaned Roy under his wing when he is a boy, though as Roy matures into a young man, he sees Frank and his malicious behaviour as something he doesn’t wish to associate with anymore. Frank, outraged with Roy’s betrayal, sets off on a manhunt to find his estranged, adopted son, who is fully aware of Frank’s intentions and hides out at a ranch occupied by Alice Fletcher, played by Michelle Dockery, her son, Trucky, played by Samuel Marty, and her deceased husband’s mother.

There are seven episodes in season one, each from 40 to 90 minutes. I was devastated to learn that a second season is doubtful, but I would absolutely re-watch the first. The acting is fantastic, the character progression is tremendous, and subtle twists and turns throughout the plot kept me on my toes and anticipating the next episode.

And, it’s everything you would likely expect from a Western – gritty, raw, violent, and full of pistols.

Godless is, in my opinion, a hidden gem on Netflix, and it’s one I think many people are unfamiliar with. Do yourself a favour and give this series a watch if you haven’t already.

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