Game of Thrones recap

With the third episode of the eighth season of Game of Thrones depicting the long-awaited Battle of Winterfell, my nerves were relatively fried even before I sat down to view the show on Sunday evening.

I literally felt as though I had run a marathon the entire time I was watching as my heart did not stop pounding until the episode concluded. I’m pretty sure I also started sweating at some point.

The episode opens in Winterfell, with a majority of the show’s cast members bracing themselves for the approaching onslaught of death.

I’m not trying to sound dramatic – the Battle of Winterfell was literally between the living and the dead. Here are some episode highlights:

  • Things don’t start off the best way when hundreds of Dothraki men bravely ride into a sea of White Walkers and only a handful return, and it’s apparent from this point on that this battle is going to be far more difficult than anyone may have anticipated. With men dropping left, right and centre, the scene looks pretty bleak for those fighting in battle.
  • Jon and Daenerys spent a majority of the battle on their dragons, attempting to fight off the Night King in a flurry of ice and fire.
  • The Red Woman (Melisandre) returns and provides some pretty significant assistance to the side of the living – she’s improved in my books for this (unfortunately she dies in the end by her own doing).
  • Ser Jorah meets his untimely end, tirelessly defending Daenerys.
  • Theon dies at the hands of the Night King while protecting Bran.
  • Edd is killed protecting Sam.
  • The White Walkers penetrate the castle walls rather effortlessly and, unfortunately, make it into the crypts where the women, children, and those unable to fight are hiding (the Night King resurrects all the dead on the battlefield, and in the process resurrects all of the dead Starks down in the crypt).
  • Sansa and Tyrion share some emotional moments.
  • Beric Dondarrion is killed, but it is revealed why the God of Light has brought him back from the dead half-a-dozen times – he saves Arya’s life.
  • Lyanna Mormont suffers a rather awful death, but, in the process, manages to slay a White Walker in giant form, which is a pretty badass way to go out, in my opinion.

So, as a final recap, those killed in battle were: The Night King, Theon, Ser Jorah, Melisandre, Edd, Beric, and Lyanna. Despite many viewer’s predictions, Sam, Greyworm, Brienne, Jamie and Podrick made it out alive.

Definitely not a bad episode, folks.

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