Where did all the nice people go?

It has come to my attention as of late that the world really is going down the tubes.

An incredibly optimistic statement, I know.

We’re all familiar and well-versed in the rising occurrences of violence, terrorism, tragedy and hate, which are all concerning enough on their own. But, something else that is escalating in terms of occurrence is a lack of manners, respect, and kindness from members of society.

And I would bet that I’m not the only one who has begun to notice this.

I find it pretty disturbing that it’s becoming more and more difficult to comes across people are simply kind to others, without achieving personal gain. People are so focused on themselves, and their personal needs and preferences, that we’ve forgotten how to show strangers kindness and generosity without considering how we will benefit from doing so.

We see a lack of courtesy towards others when we’re out in public, for example, on the roads and in shopping malls perhaps. Everyone is always in a rush, scrambling to get things done, and because of this manners are becoming more and more of a rarity, as is genuine interactions with strangers. Pretty well the only time strangers are nice to one another anymore is around Christmas, and even then, we’re only being nice to others because societal expectations suggest we should be during the holidays.

Pretty concerning to contemplate, right?

I cannot stress enough how important it is to be kind to each other. Especially in today’s day and age. It costs $0 to make conversation, to smile, to hold a door open for someone, and these seemingly minuscule gestures really can make a world of difference for someone.

Make a mental note to be kind to the next stranger you see, and, in the process, pay attention to how it makes you feel.

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