Lend an ear to a farmer this Spring

Spring in Ontario thus far has been incredibly wet.

Too wet, to be honest.

Rain seems continuous at this point, and with sunny days becoming more and more of a rarity, farmers and ag industry members are feeling the pressure.

Spring is a crucial time of year for farmers. Ground is worked to prepare for the planting of crops; certain crops themselves are planted; equipment undergoes inspection and maintenance; routine on the farm becomes more chaotic and time seems to dwindle away. Added complications from inclement weather are undesirable and stressful, and unfortunately, the weather is far beyond any farmers’ control.

When weather fails to cooperate, farming as a whole is tremendously affected. When tasks are postponed because of weather, delays arise, and soon, farmers are scrambling to keep up with demands and expectations.

With mental health awareness becoming more and more prevalent in the agricultural realm, I wanted to address the stress many farmers are under right now because of the weather. Farming is an isolating, demanding, trying profession, and when additional concerns begin to burden the men and women who provide the food we place on our tables, it’s worth talking about. These people are absolutely crucial components in all of our lives, and the least we can do to thank them for their efforts is to offer a listening ear when needed.

Whether or not you’re a farmer yourself or are active in the ag industry, I ask you to be mindful of the physical and emotional strain farmers endure when things such as weather work against them. If you know someone is struggling, reach out to them and point them in the right direction in terms of help and resources. We need to be present for those who feed us, day after day, and let them know we’re listening.

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