Looking at buying a pore vacuum? Read this first

Pore vacuums seem to be all the rage in the beauty world as of late. I’ve been seeing ads for different versions of them across my social media accounts for some time now, and after doing some research and looking up reviews, I decided to order one for myself.

I will be honest in stating that the suction power in this thing is not to be underestimated.

I ordered The Good Harbour’s Powerful Blackhead Removal Suction Kit from their website, and this is the product’s description:

“This HIGH POWER suction kit removes unwanted blackheads!

  • This top of the line blackhead remover is POWERFUL and eliminates blackheads QUICKLY and EASILY!
  • Comes with FIVE specialized attachments to match the contours of your skin!
  • Has FIVE different power levels to clear skin at any comfort level!
  • Battery is fully rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable to charge in any country!
  • FREE SHIPPING! Ships Fast! (to the United States and U.K., other countries vary in shipping time)
  • Qualifies under our 60-day money back guarantee!”

This puppy comes with everything mentioned in its description, and it does ship for free, which is great. It’s also affordable, but be aware that you will be charged in U.S. dollars if you’re ordering from outside of the States.

I used this device after showering to ensure my pores were open, which is recommended, and got to work. I was simultaneously disgusted and impressed by the amount of crap this thing pulled out of my face, and while the suction is intense, it didn’t hurt at all.

I should have known things seemed too good to be true.

The instruction manual that comes with the device warns not to use the product in a back-and-forth motion, and further, to refrain from holding it to the skin for more than two seconds in a specific spot to avoid bruising.

Wouldn’t you know that despite carefully following the instructions for this thing, my face looks like it went ten rounds with Mike Tyson. The force of the suction on the MIDDLE LEVEL left dime-sized bruises all over my forehead, cheeks, and nose, so if you happen to own this very device, apparently the lowest level will suffice.

While I have no issues with the product itself other than the blotchy bruises it left on my face, be careful using one of these. They’re evidently a lot stronger than they look and feel, and while it cleans the hell out of your pores, it also beats the hell out of the rest of your face.

Image from https://thegoodharbor.com/products/powerful-blackhead-removal-suction-tool


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