Are you using the right deodorant?

Deodorant, as fickle as it may seem, is something pretty well all of us rely on as a component of our hygiene routine.

Yet, from my understanding, many of us aren’t using the correct type of deodorant.

One aspect of deodorant that is worth keeping in mind the next time you’re staring at the hundreds of little twist-up devices in Shoppers Drugmart is what exactly you’re using it for.

Are you concerned about stink, or sweat?

Deodorants can be split up into two main categorizations; antiperspirants, and originally enough, deodorant itself. I wasn’t aware of these two different groupings until I was well past puberty, and let me tell you, this knowledge would have been beneficial for me during such a delightful period in my life.

Deodorant is best for people who struggle with body odour, whereas antiperspirant is best for people who struggle with sweat. Deodorant is great for body odour, but not sweat, and antiperspirant is the opposite.

So, what happens if you’re like me, and would like to control both B.O. and sweat? You combine the two to ensure your pits are as dry as the Sahara and smell like wildflowers.

There are some deodorant + antiperspirant products out there, but not many. If you’re having difficulty coming across a product that combines the best of both worlds, buy deodorant as well as an antiperspirant and use them together. I’ve never tried this method myself, but from doing a bit of research on the topic, it seems as though a lot of folks use it.

I picked up Secret’s vanilla-scented antiperspirant/deodorant, and so far, no complaints. But, I’ve experimented with my fair share of product, including men’s deodorant before I found success, so be patient.

Whether you’re smelly or sweaty, or maybe both, there’s hope, my friends. But, double-check you’re using the right product for you.

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