Game of Thrones recap

You know the drill by now; if you haven’t yet seen the fourth episode in the eighth season of Game of Thrones which aired on Sunday evening via HBO, cease reading now.

I mean it. You’ve been warned, as I shall be revealing major spoilers.

The episode opens in a seriously emotional manner. The survivors of the Battle of Winterfell are laying those who lost their lives in battle to rest, and there are some very sad goodbye scenes between Sansa and Theon and Daenerys and Ser Jorah.

Nothing like starting an episode with tears already welling in your tear ducts.

From there, we finally see Jon and Daenerys share a conversation since Jon has revealed his true identity to her. Jon insists that he must tell Arya and Sansa the truth, however, Daenerys encourages him to keep his yap shut and never tell another soul. As you can imagine, Jon doesn’t take to this suggestion particularly well, and he tells his sisters, allowing the message to spread throughout several key characters. Daenerys is beginning to recognize she will never fully win over the North as their loyalty lies with Jon, and, understandably, she’s pissed.

Sansa attempts to get through to Daenerys that sending their remaining men immediately into battle against Cersei isn’t the best idea, considering they just had the fight of the lives against the White Walkers and they’re a wee bit tired. But, Daenerys knows best and chooses to send them off anyways, which tremendously backfires later on.

When the troops arrive in King’s Landing, they’re immediately ambushed on sea and in the air (another dragon bites the dust, so Daenerys only has one remaining). Missandei is captured and eventually beheaded in front of Daenerys, which, as you can imagine, isn’t the most pleasant scene.

Oh, and Brienne and Jamie make love, which is long overdue, but Jamie ends up breaking Brienne’s heart by returning to his sick sister, Cersei. Gendry also proposes to Arya, but she lets him down gently.

Those are what I found to be the biggest highlights of the episode. And, the best part is that I could actually see what was happening.

There was also a coffee cup that made a surprise appearance.

Image from Wikimedia Commons


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