Where did all the good leaders go?

Here in Canada, there is quite a bit of political action happening as a result of the upcoming federal election.

And, if you’re like most Canadians, you’re probably fed up with and feeling inundated with campaign platforms and propaganda. Even more so if you’re like me and are having difficulty visioning any of the candidates in a position of extreme power in our country.

I was chatting with my family about the upcoming election over dinner a few evenings ago, and we all agreed that good leaders are becoming scarce. It seems that no matter where a political election is occurring, most of us aren’t satisfied with our candidates, and I find this a little unsettling.

What I would like to stress, though, is the importance of voting in an election, regardless of whether or not you’re rooting for a certain party to be victorious. Even if we’re unsatisfied with all party representatives hoping for our votes, it’s crucial that we do our research and familiarize ourselves with their campaigns, even if we don’t particularly agree with everything their party stands for.

You may question why it’s important to vote if you could care less about anyone who is running for a position of power. If you don’t approve of any of the candidates, it makes sense not to vote, right?

Wrong. The thing with elections is that when someone we don’t like is voted in, we complain and vocalize our disapproval. But, if we didn’t contribute to the voting, we really have no right to complain. The best thing we can do for our country is familiarize ourselves with each campaign platform and vote for the one we’re in most agreement with, even if we think everyone running in an election is a poor choice.

Vote, people. It’s so important.

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