Here’s how to save money as a travelling student

Travelling, as stupendous as it can be, can also be quite costly. We’re encouraged to explore the world and immerse ourselves in alternate cultures, especially from a young age, however it can be tricky to travel as a student.

As challenging as it may seem to do some travelling as a student, it isn’t impossible. In fact, it’s never been easier, thanks to some suggestions listed in an article titled “Budget Travel Tips for Students Traveling in 2019” from Claim Compass.

A good way to begin planning for your trip is to choose your destination of choice wisely, the article explains. Your chosen location “has a major impact on how fast you will run out of money,” so do some research regarding the cost of living where you’re headed.

When it comes to saving a buck if you’re flying, “the keyword is ‘flexibility’. Choose your travel dates and the time when you book your flight with care: the price can vary to more than double within a week … avoid flying during major holidays or on Fridays (when many people fly for a weekend trip) or Sundays (when people fly back from a weekend trip) … use a flight search engine like Skyscanner or Momondo: they let you see the prices for a whole month at the same time, so you can easily spot which day is the cheapest one,” the article explains.

As for where you’re going to lay your head while you’re abroad, consider looking at student dorms and/or shared flats to save some money.

The article goes on to give some pointers regarding how to save money on food, hitting up tourist attractions, and even making some money while you’re travelling.

If you’re considering travelling abroad, I highly recommend glancing at this article. It shares some great advice as to how to go about preventing any major damage to your bank account while you’re away.

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