Team sports: more than physical activity

I was chatting with someone the other day about the sports we used to play. This particular person was an avid soccer player, and while I briefly played soccer, basketball and volleyball when I was in elementary and high school, rugby was, and remains to be, the sport that holds my heart.

When I started high school as a little minor niner, I was spontaneously inspired to try out for the rugby team. I hadn’t played before, but the sport appealed to me, and after talking to my parents about it, I decided to go ahead and give tryouts my best shot.

*I should note that while my mom was entirely against me playing such a violent game, my dad was all for it.*

Much to my surprise, I made the team. As excited as I was to begin learning a new sport, I was completely unfamiliar with the game and was therefore a bit doubtful. Everyone has to start somewhere, though, and by the end of the season, I had a pretty firm understanding of the game of rugby.

I continued to play throughout high school, being named captain and most valuable player twice. I played rep for the city of Brantford after I graduated high school, although I didn’t pursue it much further than that.

Rugby, to me, is a hell of a lot more than a sport. It taught me the importance of teamwork, friendship, responsibility, commitment, dedication and passion. And I would argue anyone who has played a team sport would say the same. Team sports are absolutely tremendous components of what makes people who they are, depending on their experiences.

If you ever have the opportunity to engage in a team sport, do it. It may end up being one of the best things you ever do for yourself.

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