Preventing accidental deaths in vehicles with new technology

Every year, we hear news regarding the accidental death of a child or a pet that has been left in a car. And, every time we hear about something so tragic, we arguably ask ourselves, ‘why does this keep happening?’

This question could very well be avoided thanks to a newly developed sensor, says an article from The Good News Network, reprinted from the University of Waterloo. The sensor in question is small and inexpensive, the article explains, and “could save lives by triggering an alarm when children or pets are left alone in vehicles.”

Developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo, this sensor culminates artificial intelligence with radar technology to recognize unattended children or animals who have been left in a vehicle with complete accuracy, the article says.

The sensor is “small enough to fit in the palm of a hand at just three centimeters in diameter” and is “designed to be attached to a vehicle’s rear-view mirror or mounted on the ceiling. It sends out radar signals that are reflected back by people, animals and objects in the vehicle. Built-in AI then analyzes the reflected signals,” the article explains.

George Shaker, a professor of engineering at the university, says the sensor is extremely affordable and it could “become standard equipment in all vehicles.”

The main purpose of this sensor’s development is “to detect when a child or pet has been accidentally or deliberately left behind, a scenario that can result in serious harm or death in extremely hot or cold weather.” Running off of a vehicle’s battery, the sensor “distinguishes between living beings and inanimate objects by detecting subtle breathing movements.”

I give serious props to the researchers who successfully created this life-saving technology. I think it’s a fantastic creation, and it’s certainly something that could prevent unnecessary tragedies from occurring.

Photo by University of Waterloo






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