Ford v Ferrari: is it worth seeing?

For my family, a passion for motor sports is a given. My dad has always been a gear head, and in time, I’ve become interested in the automotive world with his influence. My dad owns a few classic cars himself as well as a pulling tractor, so it’s easy to understand why him and I went to see Ford v Ferrari in theatres a few evenings ago.

Going into this movie, I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect. I assumed the movie would portray a lot of the racing element associated with the motor sports world, but rather, it focused on the lives of two significant men in the industry; Caroll Shelby and Ken Miles. I’m not going to spoil the movie for you, but if you’re interested in the racing world and you’re unfamiliar with who these men are, I recommend doing a little bit of research.

They’re kind of a big deal.

And, it’s worth mentioning that while the movie highlights these two men and how their relationship and stories contributed to their success, there is still a considerable amount of racing and driving scenes in the film that are incredible to watch.

I think some people may opt out of seeing this movie because perhaps they’re not knowledgeable about or interested in the racing world. This movie is a hell of a lot more than your typical racing movie, though, and I would honestly recommend it to anyone. The lives of Shelby and Miles are worth learning about (specifically Miles) and the movie covers a lot of themes throughout, with a few examples being friendship, family, being the underdog and being wrongly shunted of victory.

Christian Bale plays Miles in this movie, and his performance alone is worth watching this movie. Plus, you can’t go wrong with Matt Damon. You just can’t.

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