Looking for a hair mask? Avoid this one

The change in weather this time of year in Ontario unfortunately presents many of us with a lot of dryness. Whether it be your skin or your hair, colder weather can be pretty destructive in terms of what it does to the body, and lately, I’m feeling like a saltine cracker between my crusty lips, hands and hair.

In regards to my hair in particular, I’ve noticed quite a change in how my hair looks. Normally, it’s decently shiny and looks relatively healthy. As of late, it somewhat resembles a tumbleweed, which isn’t exactly the look I’m going for.

In an attempt to resuscitate my hairs moisture, I picked up a hair mask from my local Shoppers.

Could I have been self-sufficient and made one myself? Yes. Do I possess the initiative to do so? Yes, although it depends on the day, hence why I decided to buy a hair mask instead of making one. Making one likely would have been the better option, though, based on my experience with this mask.

I grabbed Aveeno’s Almond Oil Blend hair mask as it boasts deep hydration on the label. On first glance, I thought it would be a savvy buy considering it’s free of sulfates, dyes and parabens, but I’m pretty disappointed with the performance of this product. I’ve used it a handful of times now, and while it smells incredible and has a great consistency, I don’t think it’s done a thing for my hair. If anything, I’ve noticed that my hair looks greasy a lot sooner than it did prior to using this mask, but moisture-wise, I haven’t seen any change.

While the price for this product was reasonable, I don’t think it’s worth purchasing. It may work for you, but going by how it worked for me, I’d say you’re better off saving a few bucks and making a hair mask at home with ingredients you likely already have in the house.

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