Here’s why Secret Santa is the best way to do Christmas

Christmas is often recognized as the most wonderful time of the year, but for many of us, this isn’t the case because of the financial stress that often presents itself before and throughout the holiday season. Feelings of guilt and worry consume many of us come Christmas because of costs, and unfortunately, the consumeristic attitude affiliated with this holiday nowadays takes away from the wonder of the day itself.

It really is quite sad.

I’ve started my Christmas shopping, but I, too, am feeling a little financially stripped. Depending how many people you’re purchasing gifts for this year, numbers can accumulate quickly, and before we know it our bank accounts are protesting before we’ve completed our shopping.

Hence why the concept of Secret Santa is so brilliant, in my humble opinion.

In case your unfamiliar with what Secret Santa is, it’s essentially a gift exchange amongst participants. Depending on who you’re engaging in a Secret Santa exchange with, in most cases, you’re given a name of someone who you’re responsible for getting a gift for. Some people designate names by pulling them out of a hat, but there’s also online platforms that do the work for you, which is always appreciated.

Using a Secret Santa approach to gift giving is a fantastic way to save money. It’s also great in the sense that because you’re only buying a gift for one person, as opposed to 10, you have the opportunity to truly personalize it and spend more time on it, if that makes sense. When we have to buy for a lot of people, it can become rushed and impersonal.

I believe this gift exchange method is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Consider using a Secret Santa method this holiday season and see how much you save in the process. And, for fun, see if it alleviates any stress while you’re at it.

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