Say goodbye to makeup removing wipes with this lifehack

Depending on the type of makeup you wear, if you wear any, it can be challenging to take it off. Between foundation, concealer, and eye makeup, having a clean slate in terms of our skin can be a large feat to overcome, and oftentimes, we have to use multiple makeup removing wipes to get the job done, leading to excess waste and more money spent in the long run.

I have good news, though; thanks to a hack I stumbled across via the comment section for a makeup removing mitt on Sephora’s website, I am pleased to tell you that makeup removing wipes and other products can now be a thing of the past.

Personally, I haven’t had a whole lot of luck with makeup removing wipes. Many of them tend to leave a relatively gross film on my skin, and further, because my skin is out to get me, I typically end up breaking out after using them. You can therefore likely imagine my delight when I discovered this tip on Sephora’s website. This comment is in regards to the Original MakeUp Eraser, which retails for $26.00:

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 1.42.23 PM

After I read this comment, you can bet your ass I went to a dollar store and picked up a few microfiber cloths myself. I tried one out that night to see if it actually did remove my makeup with nothing more than a bit of water, and lone behold, it works.

I’m arguably being a tad overzealous in finding this hack, but hell, it’s a much more affordable option, and it truly works. I purchased four microfiber cloths for two bucks, and I don’t plan on wasting my money on any overpriced dupes or makeup wipes ever again. It’s my hope that someone else can give this trick a try and see its effectiveness for themselves, but in the meantime, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to liv963 for their genius tip.

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