No, you shouldn’t watch The Influence

Once again, here I am reviewing another horror movie. I’ve made my love for these types of movies quite known here on my blog, and further, what constitutes a good horror flick, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, The Influence did not meet my criteria for what makes a good scary movie. In fact, I would argue that it fails to meet any horror fan’s criteria.

The Influence (otherwise known as La Influencia) stars Maggie Civantos, Emma Suárez, Manuela Vellés, Alain Hernández, and Claudia Placer. I’m not going to get into details regarding the characters they play, or who directed and produced the film for that matter, because it’s really not worth knowing. That’s how bad this movie is.

The plot tells the tale of a woman who has returned to her childhood home to assist her sister in caring for their mother. Their mother happens to be a sadistic witch who dabbles in black magic, and soon, her granddaughter becomes involved in her grandmothers malevolent interests, putting her own life and the life of her family at risk.

I think part of the reason this film was so bad is a result of the English voiceovers. The film is Spanish, and the actors chosen to recite the dialogue in English were not very well selected. Their voiceovers are truly what ruined this movie for me, and I imagine watching it in its original format would be a much more enjoyable experience.

The film takes a while to get even remotely exciting, and the ending is as stereotypical as they come in horror movies. Save yourself the struggle of trying to stay interested in this movie and simply avoid watching it. Or, if you happen to speak Spanish, perhaps try watching the original version. It might be a better experience than my own.

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