Here’s how to re-purpose your Christmas tree

Christmas trees, for many of us, are an integral component of the holiday season. They represent not only Christmas itself, but further, they’re symbolic of togetherness as they tend to represent the gatherings that occur around the tree on Christmas morning.

As wonderful as Christmas trees are, once the holiday season has come to an end, we find ourselves pondering what exactly to do with the tree in question. Sure, most of us bring them to the dump, but there are some pretty nifty things you can do with your Christmas tree after the holiday, if you so desire.

According to an article from The Good News Network, “25-30 million Christmas trees are sold every year in North America” and most of them end up in landfills. Instead of pitching them, though, there’s a few creative options you can take when it comes to re-purposing your tree, and this article contains these inventive suggestions.

“Last January down in Virginia Beach, locals began bringing their Christmas trees to Chicho’s, a local restaurant looking to utilize them as a way to protect their beachfront town from storm surges. Volunteers drove around Virginia Beach neighborhoods picking up trees and wreaths that were placed along the curbs, and depositing them in the parking lot behind the restaurant. The trees act as perfect ‘sand fences’ capturing wind-blown sand grains in their needles and branches and preventing the erosion of sand off the beaches,” the article explains.

Not a bad idea, right?

Some other ideas offered in the article include using the tree to fuel a wood stove (if you or someone you know has one), re-planting the tree in your own yard, and seeking out landfills that can turn the tree into mulch.

There’s a whole lot more you can do with your tree than simply tossing it. See if you can make use of one of these nifty suggestions this year.

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