Smartphone reliance: good or bad?

The current state of society in which we live is relatively dominated by technology. Most things we do in our day-to-day lives are influenced in some way by technological innovation, and it is interesting to consider how some of us see no issue with this interference, while some of us do.

Something I have come to realize over the course of the past few years is how tremendously we as a society collectively rely on our smartphones on a daily basis to complete basic tasks. If we need to send a text message and our hands are occupied, we ask Siri to do it for us. If we need to remember something five days from now, we use the reminders application in our phones. If we are made aware of someone’s approaching birthday, we mark the date in our virtual calendar so our phone will notify us when the birthday arrives.

And these are just basic functions. Many of us have programmed our home security systems to be accessible via our smartphones. Some of us use our phones to pay bills, deposit cheques and send money. Others use smartphones to stream movies, download music, and even to work.

What is your opinion towards the reliance we have placed on our smartphones? Personally, I see no issue with it, so long as our smartphone doesn’t take the place of our own brain capabilities, for example, remembering small tasks and dates. When a phone becomes a lifeline, though, there is an issue present, but this is my own opinion.

Considering how tremendously we rely on our phone today, I question what will happen 50 years from now. I struggle to fathom us becoming even more heavily reliant on our phones, but then again, I never thought we would be using phones for the tasks they’re performing today.

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