Here’s how to keep your cool under pressure

I’m sitting down to write this after a rather chaotic day at work.

By chaotic, I mean absolutely batshit crazy.

Because of how nuts my shift was, I thought I would take the opportunity to delve into the topic of maintaining our cool when poop hits the fan, at least to the best of our abilities.

Granted, keeping our cool under pressure can often be easier said than done. Depending on the circumstance at hand, and further, whether or not external factors that are beyond our control are playing into the equation, it is easy to allow ourselves to become overwhelmed to the point of rage.

This isn’t exactly something you want happening, especially if you work in a customer service position. Assuming you don’t want to get an assault charge, anyways.

After the craziness of my shift concluded, I did a little bit of self-reflection and acknowledged that I mostly kept my cool despite how hairy the situation was at the time. I tried my best to look back and recall how I managed to keep my emotions under control, and I came to the realization that having a thick skin and taking deep breaths really helped me through it.

I know, it sounds extremely cliche. But, it honestly worked for me.

I find that when I tell myself not to take unfortunate interactions seriously, it makes it easier to let rude encounters roll off my back and keep going. If someone is unnecessarily nasty to me, I try to tell myself that they’re simply taking any anger they have out on me, and that it isn’t to be taken personally.

Another thing I try to do when I’m working under pressure is to think logically. While tasks at hand may seem unattainable in the heat of the moment, take a step back and look at the scenario as realistically as possible.

Pressure can be intense, but it doesn’t have to be debilitating.

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