Looking for a fresh, tasty Moscato? Try Bodacious’

When it comes to wine, I’m certainly more of a fan of whites than I am reds. I’ve tried to sophisticate my palate enough to appreciate the taste of red wine, but I find it tastes like battery acid, so I’m content drinking whites for now.

My mom had a bottle of Bodacious’ Moscato that she had opened at dinner the other evening, and I asked her if I could try it. Normally, I tend to stick with pinot grigio’s and sauvignon blanc’s in the white wine realm, but as I had never tried a Moscato, I wanted to give it a shot.

According to its description via the LCBO website, “this moscato is lightly effervescent and exotically aromatic in style. Forward aromas and flavours of ripe peach, apricot, lychee and orange blossom leap from the glass. On the palate, it’s soft and delicately sweet with a refreshingly light spritz. Perfect on its own and with fruit-based desserts or lightly spiced dishes.”

I would say in complete confidence that I agree.

One sip of this wine had me yearning for summer patio drinks and warmer weather, and while it definitely is on the sweeter side, a glass here and there in moderation is acceptable, I would think.

Here is some more information about this product, from the LCBO website:

“Bottle Size: 750 mL bottle
Alcohol/Vol: 11.2%
Made In: Ontario, Canada
By: Arterra Wines Canada, Inc.
Sugar Content: 55 g/L
Sweetness Descriptor: S – Sweet
Varietal: Moscato”

While this wine is sweet, I wouldn’t classify it as being too intense in terms of its sweetness. Granted, I have a hefty sweet tooth, but if I typically enjoy a pinot grigio and I enjoyed this just as much, perhaps you will as well. This wine is local, affordable, and positively delicious. Isn’t that grounds for at least giving it a try?

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