Curious as to what space smells like? Find out with this perfume

I am a perfume and fragrance feign. I’ve always had an impressive collection of smelly things, whether it be actual perfumes, body sprays, room sprays, or fragrance oils, and honestly, perfume is sort of my guilty pleasure.

I’m the type of person that when I come across a scent I enjoy, I’ll invest in it. I’m not one to take a chance on a fragrance without prior knowledge of what it smells like, but if spontaneity and surprise in the context of perfume are your thing, you will be pleased to learn that you can now purchase a perfume that smells like outer space.

“Decades ago, NASA asked specialists to develop the ‘smell of space’ in order to help prepare astronauts for the experience of outer space,” explains an article from The Good News Network. “Now, a perfume, Eau de Space, has attracted eager buyers where it’s trial orbit on Kickstarter has raised $516,000 in preorders.”

““The history of the ‘smell of space’ has been clouded behind various accounts of its development. Ever since the first space walk, astronauts were shocked by the lingering odor when returning back into the spacecraft,” according to the campaign on Kickstarter,” the article says.

“NASA Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield said, ‘The only time you can smell space is when you come back in from a space walk. As you open the hatch, there is a distinctive smell.’

“Some describe it as rum, fruit, seared steak, or a BBQ. The first space tourists also noted a pungent aroma once the hatch opened, ‘like burnt cookies’.

““The smell of space is so distinct that…NASA reached out to a fragrance maker to re-create the odor for its training simulations,” according to NASA documents obtained through a freedom of information request.

“Now, the makers have partnered with award winning perfumers, and report that they’ve secured exclusive commercial contracts to reproduce the secret shelved formula based on verified astronaut accounts.

“Though not affiliated with NASA, every $29 bottle purchased of Eau de Space will also help support STEM programs for students, through a buy-one-give-one program,” says the article.

How’s that for a scent that’s out of this world?

Image from Kickstarter

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