Have you seen ‘I Am A Killer: Released’ ?

Crime-based shows and television series hold a special place in my heart. That may sound a little odd, and there is a chance you’re questioning who exactly I am as a person based on this statement, but I genuinely find criminology-themed shows to be absolutely fascinating, assuming they’re well made.

I’ve watched Netflix’s I Am A Killer along with many other shows of this kind, but I recently started watching a sort of spinoff of I Am A Killer. This new series has the same title, but with one additional word; released

I Am A Killer: Released follows select prisoners who, despite being incarcerated on death row, have been freed from prison as they attempt to adapt to a society that is astronomically different from the one they remember prior to being sent to prison. The show explains how since the death penalty was reinstated in Texas in the 90s, roughly 1100 prisoners have been sentenced to death row, with nearly 300 cases being overturned and seven individuals being released entirely from prison.

I’ve never seen a series quite like this one, and I find it to be quite unique because of the fact that it somewhat conveys the freed prisoners to be relatively normal people starting a new life despite the heinous crimes they committed to be sentenced to death row. I’m a few episodes into the first season, and the individual focused on in this season served 30 years as an inmate. To observe his behaviour once he is released from death row and enters back into society is interesting, emotional, and chilling, all at the same time.

If you haven’t seen this show, I highly recommend it. It is educational, compelling, and interesting, and if you’re someone who enjoys crime series, this one is without a doubt for you.

Image from https://unsplash.com/photos/1r0TPtmhEZA

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