Giving back via marriage

Weddings, for the most part, are a great time. Between food and drinks, dancing, laughter and more, it’s difficult not to enjoy yourself at a wedding, excluding the odd exception.

Something I’ve thought about as of late, likely because I am getting married in a couple of years, is what happens to a lot of the things that are often left behind at weddings, for example, food and drinks. Thanks to an article from The Good News Network, though, there is a fantastic opportunity to give back to communities and people after a wedding, especially in the midst of wedding destruction caused by COVID-19.

“This past July, when Tyler and Melanie Tapajna of Parma, Ohio decided to opt out of their plans for traditional nuptials in light of coronavirus concerns, they came up with a creative alternative that was truly inspired.

“The Tapajnas contacted their caterer, Betty’s Bomb Ass Burgers, but rather than looking for a refund, they asked owner Lena Brown if it would be possible to take the money from their reception and turn it into meals at a local homeless shelter instead.

“Having already contacted Laura’s Home, a local shelter for homeless women and children, with an eye toward making a contribution, the couple left Brown to coordinate a kid-friendly, cafeteria-style menu with the Laura’s Home kitchen manager. Their only request? They wanted to help serve the food themselves—on their wedding day.

“After exchanging vows in an intimate August 15 ceremony attended by family and close friends, the couple—still in their wedding gear—headed to Laura’s Home. The bride swapped her veil for a hairnet (the groom wore one as well). Both suited up in face masks and food-service gloves, then stepped behind the cafeteria counter to help dish up the kind of heartwarming meals that gave a whole new meaning to ‘service with a smile,'” the article explains.

If this story doesn’t put a smile on your face, I’m really not sure what will.

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