Do you believe in ghosts?

It’s a question as old as time and one that brings forward all sorts of differing opinions; whether or not ghosts are real, and further, whether or not we believe in their existence.

I’m not here to tell you that one response is superior to the other, or that there is a definite answer to this question. As people, we are entitled to our own beliefs and opinions, and it would be wrong of me to attempt to sway or alter any opinions on the matter. I do, however, believe in ghosts without any doubt, and there are a few reasons for my belief.

I find the supernatural realm to be absolutely fascinating, and I therefore spend a lot of time reading and researching elements of the topic. It’s important to note that the term supernatural refers to a hell of a lot more than just ghosts, as does the term paranormal; both words are intended to refer to realms as opposed to one specific entity, hence why the topic is a complex one. Ghosts are one element of these realms, but so are demons, spirits, angels, possessions, hauntings, witchcraft, satanic practices, the occult … you get my point.

Back to my original question pertaining to ghosts, though, I do believe they are real because of the research I have conducted and because of my own experiences with them. I have seen ghosts, more than one, and I’ve also witnessed things that really cannot be explained without a supernatural context. I’m not suggesting that because I’ve encountered ghostly happenings that they are, therefore, real, but I don’t have much to say against this belief.

I think it is important to acknowledge that not believing in the paranormal doesn’t mean it should be disrespected, or not taken seriously. I believe it exists, and while you may not, that doesn’t mean your beliefs won’t change in the future.

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