Recognizing goodness in 2020

I feel like a broken record in saying this, but as we are all more than aware of, 2020 wasn’t exactly our best year. A shit storm descended upon us from the early months of last year and continued to batter us with shit right up until the end, and so far, 2021 hasn’t been a whole lot better.

That being said, there are quite a few noteworthy positives that occurred in 2020 that have been overlooked, and after reading an article from, I wanted to share the following information with all of you.

  • History was made during the 2020 Academy Awards as Bong Joon Ho was the first Korean individual to receive an Oscar for Best Director
  • Finland made waves in the parental realm when the country announced that all parents are entitled to equal parental leave
  • The last Ebola patient was released from The Congo
  • 45 rhinos were saved from poachers in South Africa by dogs trained to protect the species and wildlife overall
  • There was a global push to challenge police brutality and racially-fuelled injustice
  • Inclusive skin-tone crayons were released by Crayola
  • It was ruled by The Supreme Court that LGBTQ employees are to be protected by civil rights employment statutes
  • Animal shelters have never been so empty
  • Polio was entirely eradicated from Africa
  • Menstruation products are now free in Scotland, the first country to make them free
  • The 2020 election resulted in the highest voter participation in the past 120 years
  • Space exploration made significant advancements

I think articles like this one from The Huffington Post are a fantastic example of how to find positivity in any situation, no matter how bad it may seem. 2020 may not have been the best year we have experienced, but it is apparent from the information listed above that the year contained a lot more positives than we may be aware of.

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