Here’s why you need to try Devlin’s Country Bistro

If you reside in Brant or Norfolk County, chances are you’ve heard of Devlin’s. Located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, Devlin’s Country Bistro has been an integral component of the village community since it first opened in 1990.

Devlin’s, for my family and I, is a place we prefer to give our business for both special occasions and daily life. Over the years we have had several meals at Devlin’s, and while we used to enjoy this bistro’s decadent dishes mainly for celebratory events, we now order takeout from them (a tremendous way to support this business and many others throughout lockdown) more frequently and on a more casual basis.

My family has known the Devlin family for quite some time now, and I have yet to try something from the restaurant that isn’t positively scrumptious. Chris, the original owner, has passed the business over to his son, Ryan, and what Ryan has done to diversify the menu is worthy of utmost credit.

I feel as though a lot of folks may associate Devlin’s as upper-scale or ritzy, but this simply isn’t the case. Devlin’s menu offers a drool-worthy selection of ‘fancier’ items if you will, such as prime rib or rack of lamb, but also features comfort food staples with a twist, for example, five-cheese macaroni and cheese or gourmet poutine. The menu is a fantastic combination of fine dining and classics, a balance which I think a lot of us can appreciate.

If you’ve been wanting to sample something from Devlin’s but haven’t quite committed, I highly encourage you to give their food a try. I would wager that you’ll be kicking yourself for not indulging in Ryan’s and his staff’s creations sooner, and in addition to savouring a kickass meal, you are supporting a business that has been a part of the Mount Pleasant community for a very long time.

Check out their website and be sure to follow Devlin’s via social media to stay up-to-date with all of their impeccable dishes.

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