The reality of wedding dress shopping

It’s a day so many of us dream of; going shopping for a beautiful wedding dress. Browsing the selection in a given store and feeling the smooth and soft fabrics glide across your hand as you walk down aisles upon aisles of stunning white gowns, waiting for you to try them on.

Perhaps that’s a rather whimsical description, but I challenge you to prove me wrong.

I am engaged and am getting married in June, 2022. I have a little less than a year-and-a-half until the big day, and because I’m such an indecisive fuck as a person, I figured I would give myself time and start looking for my dress a little ahead of schedule.

I’ve never shopped for wedding dresses, ever, and I was very much excited to go to my first appointment and try some gowns on. I was able to bring my mom and sister with me, though only two people because of COVID-19 protocols.

We visited Bridal Boutique in Brantford, Ontario. I want to visit local dress boutiques, and seeing as this particular location is just outside of my hometown, it was a given to make this place my first stop in my hunt for a dress.

I highly recommend Bridal Boutique to anyone in the Brant/Norfolk county region who is searching for their dream dress. They offer an incredible selection, and the staff was very helpful and friendly.

I ended up trying on roughly 15 gowns. I tried mostly a-line styles, one ballgown, and a couple of fit and flair.

Allow me to emphasize the importance of trying on different styles, even if you think you have an idea in mind of the look or style you’re going for. I ended up getting my dress when we went, and the one I purchased is completely different than what I thought I would end up purchasing.

I don’t recommend wearing a lot of face makeup as you’re trying on so many white dresses, and there is a good chance your foundation will end up on the sample dresses. I wore my hair down although it ended up getting in the way, so I would suggest wearing it up, if possible.

Don’t wear a lot of jewelry, and trust the consultant. My consultant pulled the dress I ended up getting, and looking at it on the hanger I deemed it a write-off, but here we are; it’s the one I said yes to.

It’s not overly common to find your dream dress your very first appointment like I did, but it can happen. Avoid trying on too many as you’re likely to confuse yourself; if you find one you love, go with your gut.

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