Recognizing entitlement in older generations

The feud that exists between millennials and baby boomers isn’t exactly a secret concept. It’s been around for a while now, slowly and subtly building force, and while I’m uncertain if this tension will ever reach a climactic point, I don’t see it dissipating anytime soon.

Both of my parents are boomers, and both my sister and I are millennials. We all live together and get along quite well despite our generational differences, and for my sister and I, it has been incredibly rewarding to witness my parents shift their ideas and opinions towards certain things thanks to our influence. And, really, this influence goes both ways; my parents have altered my perspective towards matters as well as my sisters for the better, and sometimes, hearing or seeing a different interpretation of something can be one of the best forms of education.

My family and I were discussing the hatred baby boomers seem to have towards millennials, and we all agreed that boomers are, to put it plainly, entitled. Not all of them, obviously, but a fair amount of them. There are also plenty of entitled folks in the millennial generation, but I find boomers to be far more entitled than millennials when it comes to sharing knowledge. For example, often times, boomers will assume a millennial has zero to limited knowledge of something that may have been popular when they were younger, like a phonebook. While most millennials don’t use phonebooks nowadays, we are certainly aware of what they are, but to a boomer, we’re far too stupid and technologically influenced and controlled to ever be able to comprehend the basic functions and properties of a phonebook.

I firmly believe a change in pace in the interactions between boomers and millennials, when it comes to educating, could be hugely advantageous, and further, could work to diminish the amount of hate and ignorance that clouds any potential relationship between these two generations. We really don’t have to hate each other, believe it or not.

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