Yes, you need to try Robby’s Pizza & Wings

If you’re a resident of Brant or Norfolk County, there is a chance you have heard of Robby’s Pizza & Wings, either their Brantford or Burford location. And, if you haven’t, I’m reluctant to tell you that you have one hundred per cent been missing out in terms of pizza consumption, as well as wings and panzerottis.

I first heard about Robby’s when they initially opened through my work. They are one of the only locations in Brant that will deliver out to rural regions, and therefore are more than willing to make the trek out to the golf course I work at, which is out in the country. I tried their pizza and fell in love.

Not only is Robby’s insanely delicious, but further, everything they offer is absolutely reasonably priced. It is always delivered piping hot, regardless of what you order (with the exception of salads, of course), and they have a respectable amount of selection considering their focus is pizza and chicken wings. Their Caesar salad is delicious, specifically their own dressing, and while pizza is their specialty, their panzerottis are absolutely phenomenal, and they’re different than the typical one you might have anywhere else. They’re far thinner, if that makes any sense at all.

Each and every time I call, whoever is working is exceptionally polite, professional, and kind, as are the drivers who provide delivery. Both of their locations are impeccable in terms of cleanliness, and overall, the business Robby’s Pizza & Wings runs is how it should be.

I’ve heard from more than one person that Robby’s has some of the best wings in the area, so if you’re a wing aficionado, I highly recommend trying out theirs. While you’re at it, do yourself a favour and try just about everything they carry, because you more than likely will not be disappointed.

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