Here’s how to prepare your body for daylight savings

Daylight savings is, in my opinion, one of the stupidest concepts in existence. Originally, turning the clocks back or forward, depending on the time of year, was done so to benefit farmers, but as someone who has been raised by, lives with and works for farmers, I can personally attest to the bullshit that stands behind the initial purpose of daylight savings. It doesn’t do shit for farmers anymore, or anyone for that matter, and ultimately is a rather effective way to fuck all of us up in terms of our sleep patterns and energy levels.

Considering how many of us detest daylight savings, I thought I would share the following information with you via an article from The Good News Network to better prepare ourselves for the approaching time change.

“Understanding human circadian biology can help reduce the unpleasant impact of the leap forward on our metabolism, mood, and neurology, as the mysterious, all-pervasive attunement of our cells to the day-night cycle cannot be ignored.

“Daylight Saving Time doesn’t change the movements of our nearest star, only our human perception of scheduling as it relates to the placement of the sun in the sky.

“Here are some simple bio-hacks for how to prepare this week for the coming time distortion.

“1)  Go to bed 15 minutes earlier every night

“2) The day before, get as much sunlight as you can, and eat tryptophan

“3) Sunbathe if you can

“4) Exercise on the day the clocks change

“5) After the clock changes, keep the room dark and cold,” the article explains.

I think it is pretty interesting that so many things can be tried to see if they make a difference for us when we change the clocks. Hopefully this information can be of use to those of us who sincerely wish daylight savings ceased to exist.

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