Transforming tires into playgrounds

I have a significant amount of respect for those of us who are crafty and creative enough to repurpose everyday items into something spectacular. I’ve dabbled in DIY projects myself, and while I’m not completely terrible when it comes to transforming something into an entirely new item, I’m not exactly a professional.

In addition to repurposing something to turn it into something new, there are some of us who can take their creation one step further and develop it into something with a truly incredible alternate use, for example, turning tires into playgrounds like the woman mentioned in an article from The Good News Network by Andy Corbley.

“Durable, cheap, and relatively safe, one young architect is utilizing some of India’s 100 million yearly thrown-away tires to design colorful playgrounds for schools that need them.

“Operating under the philosophy that play is a child’s right, Anthill Creations, a non-profit run by Pooja Rai, has so far built 283 different play spaces using almost entirely painted tires.

“Located in Bengaluru, most of the play spaces Ms. Rai designs feature large tire sculptures of cars, buildings, or animals, paired with more classic elements of swings, seesaws, and jungle gyms.

“All of the spaces are built with discarded tires that are collected, cleaned, and inspected for anything that might pose a threat to the kids. Next they are painted, and drilled with holes once or twice to ensure rainwater doesn’t collect inside.

“As India is the world’s only nation that has legislated mandatory charity upon corporations, much of Rai’s work is done through donations, with a small play space costing around $800, and large ones costing up to four-times as much.

“Constructing the play spaces, like the funding stage, is all done by volunteers—800 of whom have have so far been involved in building.

“The play grounds go up not only in schools, but in public parks and even refugee camps, and they are themed to what children in the area want—whether that’s a specialty space for blind kids, nautical-themed installations for coastal communities, or even a boxing-ring instead of a jungle gym, with tires instead of punching bags,” the article explains.

How cool is this??

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