Are blackhead strips worth the money?

I am willing to bet that just about all of us, at some point or another, have seen or heard about blackhead strips. Or, perhaps I should refer to them as blackhead removing strips, seeing as that is what the products aims to do; pull blackheads out of the skin to reveal clear(er) pores.

Blackheads are a bit of a bitch in the sense that they can be exceptionally stubborn when it comes to wanting to remove them. Personally, I’ve always had blackheads on and around my nose, and across my chin. I couldn’t tell you how many products I’ve tried in the desperate quest to conquer these fuckers, but alas, I have yet to find a guaranteed solution.

When I was in high school I tried using blackhead removing strips, and because my high school days were a while ago now and I couldn’t honestly remember if they were effective or not, I figured I’d grab some and give them another try.

There are quite a few different skincare companies that make blackhead removing strips, Biore being a leader in the pack. I picked up some made by Life because they were on sale, and they work just as good, I think.

Blackhead removing strips do work, however, they’re a bit painful, and they don’t always get all of the blackheads you’re targeting. I find it a bit irritating that so many of them are shaped to target the nose area, because blackheads are not solely exclusive to our schnozes, but I cut mine in half to make them a bit more applicable for other areas of my face.

Do yourself a favour and buy the cheapest blackhead removing strips you can find, but keep in mind they’re pretty-well geared for your nose and nothing more. They do work, to a limited means, but they’re not completely effective.

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