Can gardening be good for your health?

Gardening is a practice a lot of us take pleasure in doing. Some of us garden for work while some of us garden for pleasure, but regardless of the reason as to why you are gardening, it is a wonderful way to spend some time outdoors, and further, appreciate the work that goes into the harvest, so to speak.

In addition to being beneficial for insects, pollinators, and the environment, as it turns out, gardening is beneficial for us, too, in more ways than one. An article from The Good News Network may be of interest to you if you’re a gardener, seeing as it details how gardening can boost our health. Take a look.

“A new study reveals a significant association between gardening more frequently and improvements in wellbeing, perceived stress and physical activity.

“The study from Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) surveyed more than 6,000 people, and results indicate that those who garden every day have wellbeing scores 6.6% higher and stress levels 4.2% lower than people who don’t garden at all.

“Respondents who gardened 2-3 times a week had a 4.1% higher wellbeing score and 2.4% lower stress levels compared to people who don’t garden at all. However, gardening fewer than 3 times a month has less of a positive impact.

“The study, conducted by the RHS in collaboration with the University of Sheffield and the University of Virginia, and published in Cities journal, found that more frequent gardening was also linked with greater physical activity supporting the notion that gardening is good for both body and mind.

“The report adds to a mountain of evidence showing the positive health benefits of gardening. One study from Harvard University found that calories burnt from 30 minutes of gardening is comparable to playing a social game badminton, volleyball, or practicing yoga.

“Last year, an RHS science paper found that adding a few plants to a bare front garden can make you feel happier, more relaxed and has the same impact as eight mindfulness sessions every week,” the article says.

Let’s get gardening!!

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