Praise to Leonardo DiCaprio for helping the environment yet again

Leonardo DiCaprio is a highly respected figure in Hollywood. He is a phenomenal actor, and I have yet to see a performance by him in which he is anything but spectacular.

In addition to blessing our screens over the years, this guy is also a huge advocate for environmental and animal conservation. He always has been, as far as I know, and he’s done it yet again, says an article from The Good News Network.

“A coalition of groups, including a newly formed organization backed by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, have mobilized $43 million for efforts to restore degraded habitats in the Galápagos Islands, an archipelago renowned for its endemic species and central role in scientists’ understanding of ecology and evolution.

“The Galápagos initiative has three immediate priorities: Helping restore Floreana Island, one of the islands most degraded by human activities in the Galápagos; increasing the population size of the critically endangered pink iguana on Isabela Island; and strengthening protection of the archipelago’s marine reserves, which are critical to the local economy yet have been besieged by foreign fishing fleets in recent years. The initiative involves more than 40 partners, ranging from local NGOs to governments to international organizations, leveraging decades of collective experience working across the archipelago.

“To mark the start of the new initiative, DiCaprio is turning control of his social media accounts over Paula A. Castaño, a veterinarian and biologist with Island Conservation who lives in the Galápagos Islands, for the day. DiCaprio has more than 86 million followers across his official InstagramTwitter, and Facebook accounts,” the article explains.

I give this man so much credit. Does he have the finances to assist with such an incredible cause? Yes. Does he consistently choose to use his money towards advantageous causes? Yes. Does he ask for praise and recognition? Not that I know of.

If only more people in Hollywood used their platforms for causes like Leo does.

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