Here are some more efficient gardening hacks

As promised, here are more rather nifty and ingenious gardening hacks, brought to you by an article via The Good News Network.

“5. Get rid of pests with orange peels: You love your plants, but so do the bugs in your house. What to do? Simply place orange peels around your greens, says @ghibligreenhouse.

“6. Make a mini greenhouse from old plastic bottles: Over on Instagram, @plasticfreeally has shared a green way of making a tiny greenhouse from discarded plastic bottles. First up, cut those bottles in half, then watch your green things sprout.

“7. Make a home for seeds in used tea bags: Here’s a new one from @creative_explained: Take a used tea bag, pop a hole in it with a pair of scissors, put your chosen seed inside, place the whole thing in a Ziploc bag, then watch that little seed sprout.

“8. Grow your own fruit from what you get in the grocery store: So you want to grow some strawberries? According to @growithjessie, pretty much all you need is a knife, a pot, some water, some soil—and of course, some sun—and then you’re all set. Do let us know if you give this, or any these other online hacks, a go?” the article lists.

I’m sure there are other gardening tips and tricks available across the internet, though these ones are pretty groovy. I’ve never heard of most of these hacks, and here is hoping that the ingenuity of the folks who developed these tips can assist some others struggling with their gardening game.

While we are on the topic of gardening, if you’re someone who hasn’t tried their hand with it, I highly encourage you to give it a go. It’s a life skill that doesn’t present any apparent disadvantages, and being able to grow our own food is nothing to shy away from.

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