Check out these neat gardening hacks

Gardening is something a lot of us engage with for different reasons. Some of us garden as a means of de-stressing, or inducing relaxation; others garden to save money by growing their own produce as opposed to having to purchase it from a grocer.

Regardless of your own personal reasons behind your gardening habits, it can be frustrating at times to practice gardening if we aren’t equipped with the proper tools or knowledge pertaining to the task. I read an article from The Good News Network that offers some rather savvy gardening hacks, and I wanted to share them with you.

“1. Water your plants with a wine bottle: Watering globes that go into soil can cost quite a few dollars, but a wine bottle you have hanging around in your recycling bin? That costs nothing. Check out‘s TikTok to learn how to create your own free watering globe.

“2. Feed your plants for just the right amount of time: Neither overwatering and under-watering your plants is optimal, so @chelseaaabri says to place your pots in a plate full of water. That way, they’ll soak up just the right amount.

“3. Figure out how thirsty your plants are with a pencil: Here’s @geainthejungle‘s trick for finding out when your plants need watering: Mark the depth of dryness a particular plant likes on a pencil; stick the pencil in the soil to that exact depth, and if the nib comes out a little damp? You know you don’t need to water it quite yet.

“4. Fertilize your plants with coffee: How to fertilize your potted plants? Well you could buy some fancy plant food, or you could just dilute your leftover coffee with water and pour that in the soil, says @_forthehome,” the article explains.

Check back tomorrow for more nifty gardening hacks.

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