Here’s to the pioneer rock bands

A few days ago, my mom and I had to make a trip to Niagara. We opted to take my truck as opposed to my mom’s vehicle, and in doing so, I was in full control of the music, which I can always appreciate.

I love classic rock, as I have mentioned before here on my blog, and so do my parents. Arguably, my appreciation for the best era of music in existence, in my opinion, comes from my parent’s influence, and I am forever grateful that I was raised listening to the good stuff.

Going to and from Niagara we listened to a variety of rock artists, a few in particular being, shockingly, AC/DC, Queen, and the Eagles, a few of my favourites. We also listened to a bit of Led Zeppelin, which, aside from their biggest hits my mom wasn’t overly familiar with, but she was really jamming alongside me and she said she enjoyed just about all of their songs that I played.

We were chatting about how unique of a sound bands like Queen and Led Zeppelin have, and I mentioned to my mom how these groups, in a way, were ahead of their time. Both Queen and Led Zeppelin broke barriers with their unique use of sounds and instruments throughout their music, and both of these groups, along with others (Pink Floyd, to name one off of the top of my head) really were pioneers of rock music in their glory days, and still today.

I mentioned to my mom how bizarre it is to contemplate how rock and roll as a genre would have panned out without the influence of bands like Queen and Led Zeppelin. It is difficult to say how the genre would have progressed, if at all, but I like to think bands like these, among others, are the main reasons as to why classic rock and roll remains to be some of the best music out there.

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