Here’s why having good friends in your 20s is so important

Ahhhh, friendship. A conceptual relationship that can offer so much positivity, but also, unfortunately, negativity, depending on the quality of the bond.

Friendship, while incredibly important to me in my own life, is something I haven’t had tremendous luck with. I’ve had a few people in my life that I believed to be good friends only to discover they really weren’t that are no longer in my life, and it is a saddening realization to come to terms with the fact that sometimes people just aren’t who we think they are.

Personally, I’ve had a lot of one-sided friendships, meaning I was the only one consistently putting effort in to keep in touch and make plans. Once it becomes clear you’re the only one who seemingly gives a shit about the friendship, it can derail rather quick.

While I’ve lost a lot of friends over the years, I’ve gained some pretty damn incredible ones now that I’m in my twenties. I believe making friends in our twenties is pivotal; the friends we make in high school are often our friends because we see them on a daily basis and inevitably spend a lot of time with day-to-day. Friends we make in our 20s, outside of schooling, often are people who are genuine, true, and raw, meaning they will call you out on your bullshit without allowing it to impact the quality of the friendship, and vice versa.

The friends I’ve made in my twenties are ones that will remain my friends for life, and this I have no hesitancy about whatsoever. They’re there for me, and I for them, and our friendship isn’t an opportunity either for them or myself to gain something from other than true connection. These are the ones that matter, folks, and I hope everyone can experience these types of friendships, because they’re so, so important.

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