Looking for a raunchy comedy? Look no further

I have absolutely no shame in admitting that my sense of humour checks all of the boxes on the demented list. Whether it be sick, twisted, dark, weird, sexual or inappropriate, that kind of comedy is my shit.

It’s a plus for my that my fiancé happens to share my same sense of humour, so when he told me that his co-worker recommended a movie on Netflix titled The Package though warned it was a little odd in terms of plot, we has no hesitation when it came to pressing play.

The Package “is an American comedy film directed by Jake Szymanski from a screenplay by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider. The film stars Daniel DohenySadie CalvanoGeraldine Viswanathan, Luke Spencer Roberts, and Eduardo Franco,” the movie’s Wikipedia Page states.

The film begins relatively normally, with a group of buddies going on an annual summer camping trip, though reluctantly bringing with them a sister of one of the friends and the ex-girlfriend of another. Not long after they make camp, one of the gentleman ends up becoming seriously intoxicated and manages to unintentionally slice off a rather sensitive male appendage.

Needless to say, after this moment occurring so early on in the plot, I knew the rest of the movie was going to be wild. Without giving anything away, this guy’s friends are in a race against the clock to get this severed body part back to its owner in due time.

I read the reviews after watching the film out of curiosity, and it isn’t surprising they’re mostly bad. However, if any critic had happened to read the synopsis of this movie prior to watching it, they likely would have gotten a feel for the movie’s overall vibe. If you’re not a fan of sick and ridiculous comedy, don’t watch this movie as you will likely be left unimpressed.

If you’re a sicko like me, though, and enjoy raunchy humour, do yourself a favour and watch this movie. It’s pretty hilarious.

Image from https://marcfusioncom.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/thepackagenetflix.jpg?w=816

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