Making a wedding registry? Read this first

There are quite a few duties and responsibilities that present themselves to any given bride or groom when preparing for their wedding. I certainly was not prepared for the amount of work that goes into planning a wedding, and I will be honest in saying that I am not a bride who particularly enjoys finessing over fine details to ensure my big day is everything I hope it to be. I despise shopping and planning, so it is safe to say my sister, who is my maid of honour, has essentially become my own personal wedding planner.

One rather large task involved with planning a wedding is creating a registry. Creating a registry for a wedding/bridal shower isn’t a necessary component in preparing for the big day, but a lot of us tend to do this. After dabbling in creating on my own registry, I thought it would be helpful to anyone else in this predicament for me to share some things to expect when working on a wedding registry.

  1. Don’t stick with only one store. Pull items from a few different stores (I’m using items from four) to ensure you present the opportunity for guests to go to the store of their preference.
  2. Ensure you list items that can be purchased online but also in-store. Not everyone owns a computer or enjoys shopping online, so it’s best to appeal to both crowds.
  3. It’s a pain in the ass, but it’s a good idea to price compare items among different stores. Your guests aren’t going to want to spend an extra $50 on an item because of a brand name.
  4. Prepare to invest a loooooooot of time when creating your registry. It takes quite a while to pull it all together.
  5. Also be prepared to change your mind. I’ve added and deleted I’m not sure how many items from my own registry thanks to indecision and a change in taste.
  6. Use Trust me on this one; you can sync items from just about any store onto one single registry instead of having four different ones for four different stores.

Here’s hoping this information can help someone else avoid any unnecessary headaches or mental breakdowns when composing a wedding registry.

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