The importance of knowing your own taste when decorating a home

Decorating is, in my opinion, a concept that we either love or hate. I could be entirely wrong, but my stance on the matter stems from observations over the course of time in addition to personal experiences.

I still live with my parents, so I haven’t had much opportunity to dabble in decorating aside from my own bedroom. The same goes for when I went away to university and then college; I was in an entirely different house, though because they were rentals, my room was essentially my space and the one I invested most of my time and effort in terms of sprucing it up and making it feel homey.

Blaine and I have a house to move into within the next little while (it’s been completely gutted and has to undergo a lot of renovations), so this is our first opportunity to make a space our own as he, too, still lives with his parents. I’ve had some trouble trying to conceptualize what exactly I would like our home to be regarding style, arguably because I’ve never had an opportunity to decorate and personalize an entire home before.

It really is so important to have a firm understanding of our own tastes and preferences prior to designing a home layout and then decorating accordingly. Neither myself or Blaine really knew what kind of home we wanted to create, so we had to do a bit of research and exploring at some furniture stores to get a sense of the style we appreciate. I prefer a more rustic, homey vibe, whereas Blaine has more modern taste, so we are going to have to meet in the middle when it comes time to personalize our home.

Someone’s home should be a place where we feel completely and utterly comfortable, welcome, and content, hence the significance of gaining a comprehension of personal style and taste when decorating a home. It really can make all the difference.

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