Product review: Nair Shower Power

Body hair is one of things that, for women, is either of utmost importance or gets shunted to the back burner in terms of removing it. Some of us are pretty adamant about staying on top of our hair growth and grooming accordingly, while some of us simply don’t give a shit.

I wish I could identify with the latter half of my above statement, but, I’m a hairy beast. If I didn’t stay consistent with removing body hair I likely would quickly resemble a wookie.

Perhaps that’s a wee bit too much information, but I’m a relatively open person.

Because I literally have to shave every single day to avoid looking like a saskwatch, I’ve gotten a tad bored with it.

Bored isn’t the right term. If I’m being honest, I fucking despise shaving because I have to do it so damn often.

I thought I would test my luck with Nair Shower Power Sensitive Formula Hair Remover for Legs & Body with 100% Natural Coconut Oil plus Vitamin E.

That is one hell of a mouthful.

I grabbed the sensitive formula because my skin gets irritated quite easily, and I purchased this product for $15. I had high hopes for this stuff because it claims to work while you shower, which is a nifty concept, and so I tried it out last night.

I am sad to report I am a bit disappointed with the results.

My experience with this stuff is weird. There are areas on my legs upon which the hair was entirely removed, though in other spots there is still plenty of hair. It’s possible that the sensitive formula backfired for me because I do have coarse body hair, though this gentle version did still cause me to itch an awful lot and I got a bit of a rash on the areas of my body where I applied this product.

I feel like this stuff might work for those of us who are not so hairy and have thinner, more sporadic body hair. If you’re like me, though, and could shave twice daily, save your money and stick with a gold old fashioned razor.

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