How to deal with unwanted opinions

I think it is relatively safe to say that we live in a society that has, without a doubt, convinced a lot of us to believe that sharing an opinion is a rite of passage. Personally, I think this stems from a lot of modern social elements such as cancel culture, being woke, and further a sense of privilege and entitlement, because all three of these things encourage us to be more outspoken and vocal towards a variety of issues.

I’m not saying any of these current social trends are bad things, because they do serve a purpose. What I’m saying is that so many of us have been conditioned to believe that forcing our opinions on others is acceptable, and it really isn’t.

It can be incredibly frustrating to deal with people who constantly provide their opinion on matters that have nothing to do with them. You try to point this out to them, but it is probable that they will become defensive, offended, and angry, meaning your attempt to address the matter with them will likely fail dramatically.

We probably all have someone in our life who fits this description. I’ve found that avoiding conversations with people who are so overpowering with their opinion is the best and easiest way to avoid having to deal with their bullshit, but I also realize this may not be possible depending on a situation. If you must interact with people like this, try to keep conversation as light and neutral as possible, and refrain from discussing any topics that may present a divide in opinions.

It’s tempting to argue and tell someone off who consistently shoves their opinion down your throat when you never asked for it, but this approach when handling these types of people likely won’t end will. Keep in mind my above advice and see if it is effective for you.

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